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Residential Unit #03
Residential Unit #04
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Residential Unit #09
Residential Unit #12

We recently helped this client cash out refinance his home to purchase a run down single family home. He used the funds to both remodel the property and add 2 additional units to maximize his earning potential. 

Recently Closed Residential Refinance
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NEW! Recently Closed cash out refinance to build an ADU!

Our client had his son renting an expensive LA one bedroom apartment for $2500. he wanted to cash out refinance his property to build an ADU (Accessory dwelling Unit; An additional unit built on an existing property intended on being rented out for a profit) for his son to live in. We completed the cash out refinance for him and he completed construction on the guest house for his son. After his son gave up his expensive wasteful apartment our client is now saving over $1800/Month! 

Large family home, residential refinance, residential real estate

Residential Purchase

-This client came to us looking to purchase a home, due to him starting a family and outgrowing his previous condo. 

-We took advantage of the current historically low rates and achieved his desired financing, with a LOW 3.5% interest rate! 

Large family home, FHA Loan, Residential, house, home, home mortgage

FHA First Time Home Buyer Loan Program= LOW RATES

-This client came to us looking to purchase his first home, and finally stop the perpetual monthly payments to greedy landlords. 

-The FHA Incentivizes first time home buyers with the LOWEST possible down payment and monthly interest rate. 

-By taking advantage of this program combined with the current historically low interest rates we were able to achieve financing with:

$440,000 Loan Amount 

3.5% Down Payment 

 Int. Rate: 2.625% 2.875) APR

Monthly payments: $1770

Residential Real Estate, Family home, Residential finance, home, house


-This client came to us looking to refinance his property, after realizing that the current historically low rates were much lower than the interest rate he got on the original mortgage. 

-We realized how high his previous rates were, so we knew that a refinance would most likely save him hundreds a month on his mortgage! 

-We refinanced the property and lowered his monthly rate, SAVING HIM OVER $587/MONTH!

Large family home, Residential Refinance, home mortage, real estate, real estate finance


-This client came to us looking to cash out refinance her home, to both lower her monthly interest rate, as well as to cash out from her previous loan to pay off remodeling costs. 

-After being turned down by multiple banks due to her lack of tax returns to show at the time of financing. 

-We negotiated with our lenders to get the best possible deal for her, and we closed the deal in record time!

-We achieved her desired financing, accessing her cash out AND Lowering her monthly interest rate saving her HUNDREDS a month!

Real Estate, Refinance, home mortgage, home, house, family home, home mortage

FHA First Time Home Buyer Loan Program Purchase

-This client came to us looking to purchase her first home, after 24 years of handing her hard earned money to greedy landlords. 

-By PURCHASING rather than RENTING she is gaining equity on her property every time she makes a payment!

-By implementing the FHA First Time Home Buyer Loan Program we got her the lowest possible down payment and monthly interest rate! 

Residential finance, house, home, Spanish Style, Real estate, Real estate finance


-Our return client of over 12 years came back to us looking to refinance his beautiful 2 story home. 

-He wanted to take advantage of the historically low interest rates and refinance his mortgage. 

-We were able to refinance his mortgage, lowering his monthly interest rate from 4.25% to 2.875%!!



Residential Finance, Home, House, Real estate finance, real estate, home

FHA First Time Home Buyer Loan Program

-This client came to us after years of renting, finally ready to put his monthly cost of living towards something he will eventually OWN. 

-He previously tried to get financing from multiple banks, but was turned down due to credit issues. 

-After being turned down by multiple banks he came to us for help with financing, and we got to work negotiating with our lenders to try and get him the best deal. Since he is a first time home buyer we were able to secure the LOWEST possible down payment and a LOW monthly interest rate! 

-His rate was so low his monthly mortgage payment was the SAME as his previous rental!

House, home, mortgage, refinance, real estate finance


-This client, a 4th time returning customer, came back to us with help in financing the property pictured, to be flipped and sold for a profit. 

-Due to the original condition of the property she was turned down by multiple banks. 

-After negotiating with our lenders we were able to close the deal and achieve his desired financing! 

-He completed the property flip and sold it to make $240k in profit!!

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