Type of Loans


Conventional Loans are traditional loans that usually require 5% down and offer competitive interest rates. Documentation and average-to-good credit are also required.

Credit Problems

Just give us a call if you have a damaged credit or if you have filed bankruptcy, and we will walk you through the process step by step to receive your loan.

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix-and-flip loans are used by short-term real estate investors to purchase and renovate a property before flipping it for a profit. This type of funding for flipping houses offers investors fast closings for properties in any condition. The most popular type of fix-and-flip loans are hard money loans.

Stated Income Loans

Stated Income Loan is a mortgage where the lender does not verify the borrower’s income by looking at their pay stubs. These loans are nominally intended for self-employed borrowers, or other borrowers who might have difficulty documenting their income.

Jumbo Loans

We offer 30 and 15 year fixed rate mortgage on jumbo loans and also offer competitive ARM products with documentation. Also includes cash out and no cash out refinances.

Challenged Credit Loans

These loans are for borrowers with damaged credit. They vary from slightly damaged credit to brutally damaged. Regardless of the condition of your credit, we have a mortgage program you can work with.

Second Mortgage Loans

For whatever reason it may be, you can get a second mortgage loan without disturbing your first loan. You can use this money for anything, from home improvement to paying off your debts.

Construction Loans

Although, it can be very exciting to build your own home, the most difficult part is to qualify for a loan. However, we offer a program that will finance up to 90% of the cost of land and the costs of construction. We offer a one-time fixed rate closing or traditional ARM products.

Investor Loans

These loans are usually used to finance up to four family properties that will be for investment, for as little as a 10% down payment. While these loans are aggressively priced, they also have many variations, including: No Doc, Limited Doc, and Full Doc.

FHA Loans

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loans are a type of assistance from the government that have allowed lower income Americans to borrow money to purchase a home that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

VA Loans

The main purpose of the VA home loan program is to make home financing eligible for veterans in areas where private financing is not available and to help veterans purchase properties with no down payment.

Commercial Loans

A commercial mortgage is similar to a residential mortgage, except the collateral is a commercial building or other business real estate, not residential property. In addition, commercial mortgages are typically taken on by businesses instead of individual borrowers.

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