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Types of Loans

For over 30 years we have helped clients achieve the financing they desire from the numerous types of loans we offer, from damaged credit loans, to construction loans. We specialize in helping you when banks may turn you down, due to credit, income, or tax return related issues. Our team of experts are ready to match you with the appropriate loan fast, so you can achieve your desired financing. Check out all the different RESIDENTIAL Loan variations below! for Commercial Loans please visit us at

1. Conventional Loans

These types of loans are designed for borrowers with bad credit. This can vary from slightly lower credit scores to very bad credit scores. Regardless of the condition of your credit we can help you achieve the financing you need through these bad credit loans. 

Flexible Payment Planning

2. Credit Issue Loans

Specially designed to provide financing to you if you have poor credit, or have filed bankruptcy in the past. Contact us and we can determine if you qualify for a credit issue loan. To address credit issues we use other ways of determining your loan qualifications. 

Bad Credit Loans

3. FIX & FLIP Loans

Fix & Flip Loans are used by short-term real estate investors who are looking for "fixer uppers" on the market. They use the loan to purchase the property, remodel it, and flip it for a profit. 

Construction Workers

4. Stated Income Loans

These loans are specifically designed for borrowers who may not be able to provide pay stubs to verify income. This could be due to being self employed, operating a small cash based business, or any borrower who might have trouble documenting their income. 

Tax return

5. JUMBO Loans

GO BIG! We offer 15/30 year loans for up to $2.5 million for borrowers that need extra large amounts of money. We can achieve low interest rates and even lower down payments for large loans that can help pay off construction costs, high interest debt, and high interest mortgages. 


6. Second Mortgage Loans

If you are looking to take out additional funds for anything from paying off high interest debt to home improvement, you can access a second mortgage loan. These loans are available for those who already have one mortgage, and will not disturb their first mortgage. 


7. Construction Loans

Building your dream home is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Construction loans are notoriously hard to qualify for. We have spent decades perfecting our construction financing option, where we can finance up to 90% of the cost of land + construction. We offer a one-time fixed rate closing or traditional ARM option. 


8. Investor Loans

These loans are usually intended to finance up to four family properties that will be used as investments. We can achieve an investor loan with as little as 10% down. While sometimes aggressively priced, investor loans come in different variations such as No Doc, Limited Doc, or Full Doc. 

9. FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA)  has created FHA loans to incentivize first time home buyers. This government loan allows you to borrow money with a very low 3.5% down payment, in order to achieve financing for a home that they would not otherwise be able to afford. 



We are proud and honored to help the men and women who fight for our freedoms achieve home financing where private financing may not be available. Veterans enjoy no down payment and the lowest possible interest rate. Our team is thankful everyday for our nation's heroes. 


11. Commercial Loans

commercial mortgage is similar to a residential mortgage, but the collateral is a commercial building or other real estate, not residential property. In addition, commercial mortgages are usually taken on by businesses instead of individual borrowers. Please visit us as at our dedicated Commercial website at

Ready to begin achieving your financial goals? Click to call our office, or email Ralph (CEO, Broker) Directly to receive a risk free assessment! 

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