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Mortgage Payments Vs Renting

Did you know that you can achieve the same mortgage payment or less in some cases than the average cost of renting?

Rental costs continue to rise year after year to compete with historically high rates of inflation. Renting is simply paying landlords for the right to live on their property. You are essentially handing over your monthly cost of living to landlords, perpetually. The money is gone once it leaves your possession, and unless you have rent control (which is increasingly hard to find) your landlord/building management can and will increase your monthly cost of living year after year.

With a mortgage you are making payments towards something that will eventually be yours. Each payment you make is gaining you equity on the property, meaning the payment is going back to in the form of property ownership.

When you choose a 15/30 year mortgage you are locking in your monthly cost of living for the next 15/30 YEARS! Talk about beating inflation! On top of that your money is going straight back to your own property, which you could re-cash out if you need!

It's a WIN WIN WIN! Stop paying your landlord's bills and start paying your way to property ownership. There's nothing more valuable than a real estate investment, especially with the perpetually rising costs of homes in America.

Together we can help you achieve your property ownership goals!

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